It is very important to understand how a Covida co-living spaces is different from a Paying Guest (PG) or a Self Rented Flat:

Particulars Covida Living Paying Guest Self Rented Flats
Management By corporate with registered entity and professionals By individuals Self residents
Type of sector Organized Un organized Un organized
Record keeping Complete digital/physical record keeping by the company of all guests , visitors, support staffs etc. with police verification as required Hardly any record keeping No record keeping
Apartment types High quality Fully furnished with all modern amenities Substandard furnishing Self furnishing. For a furnished flat, the charges are sky high.
Community living Smart, techy, innovative, creative students and young professionals community with events etc. No community None
Number of residents 8-12 in a 3 BHK 15+ in a 3 BHK Look for flat mates which is a hassle
Common spaces Largely available with all amenities NA Little
Play and work out areas Available Not available At own cost
Brokerage No. Direct site/app based search and booking Yes. Rounds of property visit and dealing with unruly brokers Yes. Rounds of property visit and dealing with unruly brokers
Dealing with landlords No deals with landlords and no curfew hours Regular interventions by property owners with restrictions Regular interventions by property owners with restrictions
Security Full security with cctvs, 24x7 guards and dedicated property managers Rarely available Self
Support staff Professionally trained work force Unprofessional servants or maids No support staff or self help
Repairs & Maintenance All inclusive and outsourced to agencies/ professionals Through un-organized manpower At own cost
Living hassles None. We take care of everything Many Way too many
Flexibility We are flexible and open to suggestions to improve your living experience No flexibility whatsever As per individual needs
Screening We screen all applicants before allowing them on-board No screening No screening