Are You A Property Owner?

As a land lord or property owner your first question is – why should I rent my property to Covida instead of renting my property to some one else?

Property leasing is a completely unorganized segment in the Real Estate Industry. There are lots of unaddressed concerns from both the property owner’s and the tenant’s perspective. The concerns get deeper and turn into crisis when it comes to renting a property for stay for a non family group, individual or a small group, may they be MNC executives, business professionals, students or travelers.

    The major concerns driving this crisis from a property owner’s perspective are:

  • Family back ground of the individuals
  • Overcrowding of the space
  • Damage of the property
  • Lack of sense of social responsibility
  • Timely and Regular Rent paying capability
  • Tenure of their stay
  • Creating nuisance in the apartment/society
  • Objectionable social activities
  • Managing their day to day whereabouts
  • Acceptance by the society

  • On the other hand, concerns from individual’s perspective are:

  • Judgmental landlords & their biased terms & conditions
  • Long stay commitments and lock in periods
  • Litigations of illegal properties
  • Fear of untimely forceful eviction
  • Social stigma and uncomfortable questioning and screening

Thus, in most cases the landlord and the tenant are not able to come together on terms and the property owner loses on higher earnings and a potential high standard sophisticated tenant and the tenant inspite of being ready to spend extra loses on high class living in a prime locality with like-minded people in the community.

This is why Covida….

Our business model addresses the social dilemma of a property owner and a tenant and works towards filling the gaps in an organized manner. Being a corporate and this being our expertise and full time business, our team of professionals are continuously working to strike a balance between the needs of property owners and the tenants. We strive to provide best of living facilities to our tenants and give a hassle free leasing solutions to our property owners keeping in mind the social limitations which is a win-win situation for everyone

    This is how we work:

  • We formally lease properties from our business partners (owners/landlords/developers) either on fixed rentals or on a profit sharing basis for continuous terms.
  • The properties are then styled as per our design protocols to make them a fully furnished equipped modern living unit with Star facilities.

  • These units are then rented out on single or sharing basis (all male/ all female sharing only) for a month to year through our app or website to our clients
  • Our clients include MNC Executives, Business Professionals, High End Individuals, Elite University Students, Global Travelers, Artists and Innovators/Creators etc.

We regularly organize community get together, festival celebrations, short tours, knowledge appraisal seminars etc. for our property providers and occupiers.


For property owners, renting their property to us for creating Prime Community living spaces brings lot of financial value, stability and safety for them. They get concern free long term rental incomes and are rest assured of their property being in safe hands and managed by a corporate with a team of professionals.


  • Long term regular rent income

  • No dependency on brokers or marketing sites to lease their properties

  • Hassle free one time dealing with a corporate which saves your valuable time

  • Freedom from…
    • Dealings with brokers and marketing site callers

    • Dealing with unruly tenants and individuals.

    • Regular brokerage charges

    • Low and irregular rental incomes

    • Delay in rental payments

    • Fear of renting the property to unsolicited/anti-social tenants

    • Tenants background check

    • Early vacating by tenants and loss of rent

    • Illegal occupancy of the property by tenant

    • Regular property

    • Responsibility towards tenants WHEREABOUTS’


    Get in touch with us over phone or in person and provide us necessary details. One of our representatives will get in touch with you and we can take it forward from there.

    The basic steps involved in renting your property are :

  1. Share with us details of yourself and your property.
  2. We will then perform a property inspection.
  3. We will send you a rental proposal.
  4. The agreement will be signed by both parties.
  5. We will transfer you’re the agreed deposits and advance rent.
  6. Welcome on board

    Basic documents and items we require from you are the following:

  • PAN Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Maintenance bill
  • Ownership proof
  • Signed agreement
  • Keys to all doors and wardrobes (if any) in the house

Can I inspect my property when I want to?

Absolutely! It is your house, after all. We only request that you give us prior intimation at least 2-3 days in advance so that we can inform the tenants. We wouldn’t like to compromise on the privacy of our tenants in any way.